Amusemeant for Fashion was birthed from a mix of retail, art and fashion.  Fashion has been such an integral part of my life ever since I was a little girl.  This journey began with styling dolls with my sister, transitioned into visual merchandising/ retail management, furthermore, the love for styling grew and Amusemeant for Fashion was born.   

Fashion has always captivated me from the eye capturing magazine spreads, meticulous clothing,and glamorous runway shows.  The sheer creativity of the industry really gets my blood flowing and propels me to push forward.  Stylists have the unique opportunity to create an image that is not only reflective of the individual but showcases a great sense of style as well.  Fashion may be mass produced but style is unique.  The goal of Amusemeant for Fashion is to create customized style for each and every client.

Amusemeant for Fashion isn't solely a business or a fun play on words. It's a dream coming into fruition and most of all, it is a lifestyle.

​There's Style, Then There's Us!

​Amusemeant for Fashion